Sunday, August 2, 2009


I apologize for the lack of quality, but a moose is a moose. I had two moose sightings the last week. The first between a calf and a mum. The second a lot closer of two calves and a mum. I was terrified to be honest. I have heard so many stories of moose attacking. Wow. Looking at these I just realized how awful these pictures are. I'm sorry! Just thought I'd share the experience. They are really wonderful creatures though. I have a friend who actually skied into a moose! He said it felt like hitting a brick wall.


  1. I bet that was awesome!
    When I was in Wyoming, I got to see a moose and her calf.

    I know how they can be intimidating. Your pictures of them are great! I would've been shaking too badly, in excitement, to get anything like what you did!


  2. A boxen of moosen. Very nice!