Saturday, May 15, 2010

In the darkroom I took a photo similar to this. Except it was a turf soccer field with kids. I used a long shutter and made it look really good and interesting. I used that picture to create this one. One thing I did well on the last time I shot this, was the goal image. People had said they had never seen that angle before. This picture doesn't have a lot going on, but it definitely fulfills my goal of finding unique angles. I wanted this project to be all weird, unexpected, unseen, new angels. I wanted to show the world something they have never seen. I think overall this photo is solid. I could have centered it a little more...I could have made the sky whiter. I really like the texture of the cement. Solid focus, good exposure. That's really the first step, which is the hardest. Making the picture workable. Making sure its in focus and correctly exposed.

Once again, not a lot going on but fulfills my goal. Basketball hoops are often shot for this assignment. But the last time I did this assignment I had a picture of a soccer ball in the goal. It was the view of a ball after a goal has been scored. That's what I tried to recreate here. I wanted to show, if a basketball had eyes, this is what it would see. I think the blacks are could be argued flat and grey, but I believe if I raised the exposure anymore the net would be blown out and the black would not be as solid. I think photo is a lot of looking at the past and recreating a future. Taking a look at what you did wrong and what you did right. You take the right and you do it again. You take the wrong and fix it. On the soccer goal image I had a lousy background and this one is nice, plain, simple sky.

This was shot at a park thingy. Its a swing set, play ground, monkey bars, climbing wall combo. I shot this as in being the eyes of a kid. I realized while doing this assignment, I used to only see these angles. Everything seemed so big and huge and up. This may be too light, especially since I shot it into the sun and thats why we see the sun spots. I should have shot in the other direction....but I do enjoy the lines that all point toward the middle. I like the shapes and angles. I like the black screws and bolts. Play grounds are full of shapes. If we had a shape assignment, I would for sure shoot at a play ground.

This was once shooting in the eyes of a young kid. There's this foresty part of this park and kids build forts up there all the time. They get branches, sticks, and logs and make a fortress. I wanted to tell this story. So this is the idea of a kid looking at a log to see if its the right type. One thing I thought was interesting about this photo is the angle is downwards even though I was on my belly. I had always thought on you belly meant looking up, but I realized it can be looking down also. Great focus, good contrast, good attention grab by the stick.

Sometimes I go to the park and just chill there and do my homework or think and look at the sky and stars. That's what I was trying to show here. Its my place to be alone and to stop worrying about school and soccer and just look at plants and birds. I enjoy putting my body in images because I believe there is something special about having the photographer in the photo. I don't know what yet. Maybe it helps tell the story. I'll figure it out. I'm thinking about doing it for my final project. I really enjoy the contrast of this picture and I think I did a great job. I just love the composition and over all the picture feels right.

This house is so interesting to me. Just the windows and structure. This really did not fulfill my goal, which is one of the reasons I did not print it. Also, that top right window is blown out (dumb sun). The exposure is a little grey...focus isn't that great. It isn't that fantastic of a photo.

This is my room. And it is a blow up mattress to be exact. I like to do homework on it. Its comfy. Also, that's my homework light. I like it also. This tells the story of the majority of my life. Homework. And although Tracy says "I'm just a freshman", it doesn't make it easy. I take Spanish Honors, Math Honors, and attempt to get A's in my other classes. On top of that I have soccer and homework is ALWAYS done on a bed. That way when I fall asleep doing Agelbra II, I am actually in bed and can sleep.

Easily my least favorite picture of these 10. Its grey and flat. It has very little of a story, that is in black and white. I took this photo in color and it looked so awesome. She's wearing tie die socks that match the grass and her legs kinda match the sky and background. It was just one of those cool images taken from the ground. Obviously this isn't a great angle and it isn't something new..which wasn't my goal, but it looked so cool in color and just did not translate to black and white.

So so so so so very cliche, still very awesome. I shot it straight into the sun so its way blown out. This was just me trying to find that angle that no one has seen, I found an angle that's common and almost cliche. I think it could be used in an add though. It just has commercial written all over it. I like the contrast and expsosure cept for the huge sun (darn sun). Focus is good.

This is my favorite. The angle is amazing. I found this rope swing and happened to have my camera and I told Josh "We gotta get a sweet on your belly shot." I laid right underneath him and turned my camera on quick, continuous shutter and LETT'er FLY. He kicked me in the face and nearly kicked my camera too. I think the focus is so great...I had such a fast shutter and such a big aperture to grab the depth of field. Its in focus from two inches away from my face to the tree tops at least 20 feet away. Its fun to look at the rope and watch it climb. The sky is grey..but I guess that's how skies should be. I think this is the winner of these 10 photos.