Friday, July 30, 2010

Final Project

The year is almost at an end. So...that means this is the final project. I did self portraits, it includes 2 things I wished I wasn't and 2 things I wished I was and then 8 of what I am. I took some of myself and some of other people. I just wanted to tell the story of who I am. And I think I did it well. I think I told an overall story and told individual stories as well. I made the photos interesting and attractive. I'm very satisfied with this project.

What I wish I was.

I think if the student body of Waterford saw this image, they would say "HEEEEEEB!" Really loudly, and lowly cause that's what you do when you see Heeb. Heeb is a nerd. Nerd at Waterford isn't a bad thing, it is actually revered. I would love to be as nerdy or smart as Heeb. Right now he is deciding whether to go to Duke or Cornell (though choice). That is why this image is in my project. I'd love to be as nerdy and smart as Heeb. He's so nerdy and cool! I think nerds are cool, this outfit is evidence of it.

The lighting on this is absolutely terrific, most likely because I followed Mr. Slade's advice of shooting close to a big window. Perfect portrait light. I sat in front of him and shot a couple dozens of shots because Heeb is nerdy; he likes to make weird faces at the camera. So I think this one made him look the nerdiest. This is easily in my top 5 images I have ever taken.

What I wished I wasn't.

This is me. I am eating one of those delicious mini donuts. I wish I wasn't so addicted to them. It's a serous problem. I eat bags at a time. I don't wish I'd stop eating them I just wish they were healthy. I did this a little dark because I wanted to set the mood as evil. Yes. I just implied that these donuts are evil. I even believe they have brains. They control my brain and trick me into eating them. I took a couple of different poses but I wanted half the donut in my mouth and half of it in my hand and this is the result.

I like how the counter sets a "half-reflection" and I love my facial expression. I almost look guilty. Guilty that I'm eating this fattening food. Guilty that I don't care what it will do to my body. Guilty that I let a chocolate covered pastry control me~!


I am usaully really happy and giddy most of the time. Although it isn't always. I love the lines of the bricks pointing to her smile. And also the graduated contrast filter. Those two make the eyes go straight to the facial expressions. Beautiful smile.

What I wished I was

I wished I didn't care about appearances. Jamie never washes her hair, never does her hair, doesn't change out of her uniform, doesn't take showers, she just doesn't care how she looks. The world is full of poeople that think appearance is everything and I may be one of them. How you look says something about you, and people are going to judge you by the way you dress. I just wish I didn't care that they do judge me and I can say, its pointless and unneccesary to dress up and care about that stuffs


This is Jacob Silva. He's watching the Real Salt Lake play. For those of you who are reading this (no one is) who don't know who Real Salt Lake is (no one does), its a professional soccer team. I wanted to show that I really enjoy soccer and focus on it. When watching soccer I can't help but to critique players. I'll say "He shouldn't have dribbled there." outloud, annoying the other spectators to the point of suicide. I told Jacob, just watch the game, and let me take your picture. I think he changed his face a little but it captured the idea of intensity in soccer watching and the passion I have for the sport.

Editting this picture was tough. Especially the top-left corner because of the jumbotron. It was blown out and my recovery tool didn't fix it. So I put a contrast filter on that corner and made the whole image change. Everything just felt better. The focus is great and I'm glad I used a high aperture.
What I wished I was.


Awkward. Mr. Awkward. I'm pretty socially awkward. I don't really fit in with kids my own age...especially normal public school kids. I just, have never learned how to be normal. All I know how to do is do homework and play soccer. This image of Julianne Aldous shows awkwardness. The sweater and skirt don't match (stripes and chekers (there's some matching code aparently that public school kids follow)). Her eyes are off to a corner, her legs are crossed, she looks uncomfortable. The sweater is actually mine and the uncomfortableness represents how I feel with people.

What I wished I was.

Asians. I wished I was Asian. Well, I wish was like most the Asians I know. Tony and Gene who are featured in this photo are my two favorite Asians. Tony is a flippin' genius. Gene is one of the funniest kids I know. If I was a little more like them, I'd be happy. Also, Asians are more dedicated on average. LOOK AT THEM. THEIR FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. Soak the image in and tell me, you don't wish you were them. They look happy.


So this is of my brother Elliott. I love birds and trying to identify them in binocs. I think the contrast in this is fantastic. I love that I love birds. I just think they are the coolest animals ever. Well, I don't know if its that or if its the idea that they are so different. Maybe its both!


I'm a tease. Not going to lie. I love just making jokes and mocking things and people. I think this picture of my other brother captures the idea pretty well. His eyes just tell me "I enjoy laughing." I would have liked Graham to change out of his waterford uniform...I don't think it helps the image, I should have done a prank shirt or something.


I'm so addicted to the computer, it bothers me. That's why this image has its darks. I wanted to set a mood of bad. However, I just accept that I'm addicted and don't do much to fix it. Although I deleted my facebook. I love how is hand is on the computer and he looks so focused into the computer! I also like the table's reflection.

Elliott looks so addicted and into it.


I hate staying up studying at night. Although I do it almost every night. I made this picture a little dark too to show I don't like, but once again I've accepted it. I just say, "This will help my GPA." Its really hard and not fun stuff. I used the timer and focused on a feild marker that marked my distance.

What I wish I wasn't.

More like what I hope to never be. My dad is obsessed with eating healthy now. We can't have anything. I had vegan cereal with soy milk this morning for breakfast. That's how evil it is. I love this photo. I like how I made him hold it above his head showing how important it is to him. I love the focus and I like how he is wearing a white shirt. It makes the DVD seem more important.

I didn't include this in my 12, although I thought about it.