Monday, August 24, 2009

Lake Powell

I have been in Lake Powell for the last week with family and friends. What a blast! And I have arrived safely (thank the heavens.) Wow, what a trip. Lots of tubing, water skiing, wake-boarding, and jet-ski riding. But I have to tell you this story. Friday morning we all wake up, and my little brother has a swollen cheek. We look at it and examine and play doctor and realize he has a tooth issue. We make an executive decision to head back to the marina and get some help. We traveled on back towards Antelope Point Marina in Page, Arizona. We parked across the bay on an open, sandy beach. All was well, they took my brother to the doctor's, gave him an IV, got the color back in his face. We were all so jolly and decided to hike a bit up the sand. Then, we turned around and saw the storm coming. Across the bay, sand was coming straight at us. We all ran towards our house boat, grabbing more anchors to attach to the house boat for safety from the wind. We dug whole and put the anchors in them and hoped and prayed that they would work. It didn't. The wind and waves were too strong and our house boat ended up horizontal on the beach instead of the vertical. But all was well because we were safe. But then our ski-boat was drenched in water and stuck on the sand too. If you have ever been to Lake Powell, you know the sand is very, very, very "sucky" (pun intended.) And that's enough for today. I'll finish my story tomorrow. In the mean time enjoy these pictures of my story.

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