Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Long Night Full of Failures

A lightening storm hit Salt Lake City last night. And I tried to capture it. I had not the slightest idea on how to capture lightening so I thought "Lightening is fast" thus I tried using a quick burst of shots to try and grab the lightening. But as many of you may know, lightening does not announce its self. There is no warning sign so I had trouble timing my clicks. But I did end up with some shots. Here's the best result using my quick shot technique.

I timed it right, but obviously it didn't work.

Then after researching, I learned that a long exposure would capture the lightening. So I set my camera at about 8 seconds and the corresponding aperture and here's the result.

I forgot that my manuel exposure would make the lighting correct and daylight-ish. But this is sort of cool because thats how lightening looks when its not dark and stormy.

Finally I turned the shutter to one second, and got some mediocre images.

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