Thursday, February 18, 2010

Low-Key Image

This is my low-key image. It took me a long time to get this one right compared to the lego horse high-key one. I think I did this right. I wanted to make sure it looked real and I wanted to highlight the light that was bouncing off the ipod.

I printed two, too dark they looked like this.

I think its too dark. I want to be able to see the square on button easily. The top image also highlights how the light bounces off the ipod more. Which I believe is part of this assignment. To show the shadows of the high-key image, and to utilize the highlights of the low-key. And I think I did that with my lego image and the ipod image.

Overall, I think I had a successful project, although I didn't fully enjoy it. Even though both these images are really black and really light and the opposite of gray; most of the images I've seen of these are bland. Even the examples Mr. Slade showed us. I guess its my personal preference. I really like contrasty images.

But its by far better than film. (no offense to film)

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