Thursday, September 17, 2009

Running Barefoot...

I've been reading the most fascinating book on running: Born to Run. It's about a middle-aged guy who kept getting injured from running. He sought the best sports medicine and experts in the country. They all told him that man just wasn't made to run. He didn't like the answer and spent years trying to refute that logic. His search took him too Mexico's Copper Canyons and to the Tarahumara Indian trip whose members often run hundreds of miles at a time. Their secret: anti-Nike shoes. They ran virtually barefoot. The books author sites ample scientific research supporting the idea that human race is meant to run, meant to run long distances, and mean to run as close to barefoot as possible. Best book I've read in five years...and really inspiring news for old dudes who want to run.

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  1. glad to read this, i thought i was crazy. i love to run barefoot and can run alot farther that way. however, i have been brainwashed to wear 'good' shoes, etc. thanks. haha.