Sunday, June 21, 2009


I was so busy yesterday, I forgot to post something! I went on this incredible backpacking trip in the Oquirrh Mountains in Toole, Utah. I wish I had brought my camera. There was this meadow of orange flowers and it was so gorgeous. I wish you could have seen it. Oh, and there was a little boy and girl that were playing in it. Just smiling and having a good time, I wish I could have captured the moment.

Andrei Arshavin is my favorite soccer player in the world. He is Russian and plays for Arsenal in Barclay's Premiere League. I love him because of his speed and creativity. Some of his moves are so insane. His childhood is a great story. His father was an amateur soccer player, but his parents were divorced when he was 10. He lived with his mother, sleeping in a cramped room, on a dirty floor. His father pushed him to become a professional soccer player. He was accepted into the Zenit St. Petersburg youth development, which is where his career started. His story is a great one.

Come back later today. I'll have new pictures and a surprise.

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