Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So I went to the Beatle's Love show in Vegas. And believe it or not I had never really listened to the Beatle's cause I was one of those "I only like hip music and stuff" people. Anyways, I went not expecting much and saw the best show of my life. It was amazing. I can't even describe it. The dances were amazingly choreographed to the music. The story plot of theme was unbelievable. It made me shed tears (not really, but close enough). I had my camera but I really don't like to have expensive things out and about in crowded casinos in Vegas because...then something is bound to happen. So I took them really fast and without aiming and stuff. So not good images, but good memories!

Also, I feel it necessary to share my favorite Beatle's Songs so you should too!

1) Eleanor Rigby (Duh, isn't that everyone's favorite?)
2) I, Me, Mine
3) Let it Be
4) Across The Universe
5) All You Need is Love

And now I've decided that this isn't a very good list cause there are like 200 better songs than these, but at the same time; not better. Its more of a confusing type of thing. Basically take quantum physics and apply it to the Beatle's, blink 3 times, clap your hand and maybe you'll understand my crazy head.

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