Thursday, April 15, 2010

I did not print this picture because of the lack of story and the crappy execution. Obviously this is way to dark, and blurry. I did enjoy the blurryness because it seemed to give the portrait a certain feel. I really kinda feel connected to Bono (the bird) even though he bites me 24/7! He hates me, yet...I feel connected to him. He can sing cool songs and dances like a Lil' Wayne! That's what he was doing in this picture. How does one dance like Lil' Wayne, you ask? By bobbing your head and shaking your booty!

I wish I printed this one. It spent me a long time to get and it looks pretty cool. What I did is turn off all the lights in my room and attach my reading light to my book. Set my shutter to 60 seconds and let it fly! I turned the pages and texted a bit. I honestly think this is a cool image. It also tells a story of the Waterford life. I'm always staying up late to do homework, by myself in the darkness of the night.

Printed: This is our good friend Thatcher. At first when I took this photo, I thought to myself "This is a junkie shot." But sagely I did not delete it. This image tells such a great story! I love how can't Thatcher's face isn't present. It leads to mystery and wonder. Also, his sitting position is kinda awkward, or different. This even makes me wonder why he is sitting like that. It may be because of the checkers board on the table in front of him. Maybe he has lost to me (yet again) in a solid, fierce game of checkers. Or maybe he's out of lemonade. The sigh of his face shows disappointment. Only Thatcher and I will know why he was frowning.

Printed: This facial expression is super cool. Although Mr. Slade might say this is not a portrait, I think it totally is though. His cheeks and face and eyes tell something about him. Even his hair. They all say, this is something interesting about my brother, Elliott. This image was a bit gray so I had to increase exposure and bring up blacks.

Printed: Once again you could argue this is not a portrait. I honestly don't think this one really is. But it looks pretty darn cool. And it kinda does tell another story about my brother. We love just doing stupid tricks on the trap with a basketball.

Same with the above picture. Not really a portrait, but pretty sweet if you ask me. Now, here's my questions, can an action-sports photo ever be a portrait?

Printed: This is my favorite portrait I took for this assignment because of a few reasons. One, it took my FOREVER. My family doesn't believe in being nice and didn't help me shoot this. What I did was take a waste basket, turn it upside down, sit where I wanted to be in the picture, focus it on the waste basket, place camera on waste basket facing me, put a 10 second timer on, press shoot and then get into position.

Two, this picture has a pretty cool meaning. The song I'll These Things That I've Done by The Killers was an inspiration to this photo. If you've heard the song, you know they main lyrics to the song are as follows "I got soul, but I'm not a soldier" (You might also know there is a Nike commercial featuring this song and its friggin sweet). These lyrics explain this picture. I wanted to somewhat show this idea of having the work, effort, passion, soul for something, but maybe not being the most talented at it. The word 'Warrior' on the hat illustrates soldier and the idea I look sad or depressed is that idea of wanting to be a solider, while being unable to, although I have the soul to do it.

Now, this is suppose to be something I'm not. So am I illustrating myself as someone who has soul? No. I'm saying I'm not a warrior, I'm not that soldier. Thank you, The Killers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Printed: I printed this one also, I do not know if I'm going to turn it in. This tells a pretty good story. First off, I would like to say--LEGO's ARE RACIST AND SEXEST. They are all the same race and sex, and that is completely and unconventionally not fair. Anyways, let's actually get to the picture. The story behind this is a guy and girl are holding hands, in love and then there's a guy on the left side who is sittin' there quite awkwardly. He has his hand in the air, cause I was showing how awkward it is in this situation. Its just plain out awksauce.

The composition of this picture is two white posters used to make a make-shift background. I didn't have any girl lego's cause lego's are racist, so I drew one. I boosted up the background exposure and made the charectors a little blacker.

Printed: Similar story as to the one above. I like this technically more though. The exposure is better, the focus is more direct. This tells another story of a guy and girl in love, holding hands. Can I just say I hate holding hands. I find it annoying. I love this lego's face. Its just hilarious. Just stare at his face....stare....his beard is funny.

Printed: This is a stuffed dog of the Dog Collection. I wanted to take a picture of him because his eyes and huge nose. They just tell such a story of innocence and cuteness and childish. I kinda had problems shooting people because my family doesn't like to get their picture taken, and I had technical difficulty because of bad exposures and blurryness. So I resorted to a story I wanted to tell, via a stuffed animal. The focus and detail on this is pretty intense.

Printed: I thought this would be a cooler picture than it was. I thought it would tell such a sweet story of this crazy person that represents who I am. A lost, crazy, one eyed, chocolate weirdo. This image kinda reminds me of the Madhatter in Alice in Wonderland. The lighting is cool, because I used florescent lamp. It might be a little dark, but I wanted it to be a low-key shot because I thought it fit the picture nicely.

Once again the shirt off, adds to the image. It makes it seem more gloomy, which was my goal. This is suppose to be something I'm not, in this image I wanted to show an idea of depression, giving up and failure. Which is something, I do not want to be. At all. I try really hard to never give up and complain, I try to go threw somethings and just get past the nasty falls. I really like the exposure and focus (once again I did the same focusing technique as the other self-portrait) although I think it could be a little darker because it matches the story and idea.

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  1. Nice work!
    I really like 4,5,9 and 11. I think 4 and 5 really are portraits. The perspective of 5 is awesome. I like the creativeness of 9 - the 3D guy and 2D girl. 11 is just really cool. It tells the sad life of a chocolate Easter bunny.

    Btw- I tagged you! Check out my blog for the details.
    ['ô ] Avery