Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Own Yard

My brother decided to help me out a little today. So all these shots are taken in my backyard. Its amazing to know that good pictures can come from anywhere. I especially like the 2nd one.

So I'll be gone this week, taking hundreds of pictures in the Wasatch Mounatins. But there'll be some posts from guests or scheduled posts. So stayed tuned for that.

Thanks! See you in a week.



  1. Hello, Avery! It is weird to say that!

    All I can say about getting close to animals, is that I have crazy good luck. I love animals, and they sort of gravitate to me. But, don't let my pictures deceive you. I do have to sit, wait, and be patient, for them to cooperate sometimes.

    With my followers, it's weird. With my Feedjit Gadjet, you can see how it works. But if you go through and edit your posts, (you don't even have to really edit them) people start to get onto your blog. It's a little hard to explain.
    Also, my family and friends "advertise" me!

    How old are you? You have some pretty amazing stuff too.

    I'm glad you enjoy my work!


    P.S. I like the first and second one.

  2. Cool photo's!!
    You have a real nice blog! Enjoyed my visit.