Tuesday, March 3, 2009

37 day for a week

Real busy this week. I'm going to get a TON. TON. of new pictures. But I won't be posting. Soooo here are a few for the week. 


  1. Hey I like the fisrt picture. Can I use it in one of my "art of the day"?

  2. So what is the first picture of? It's really cool. Sort of looks like a horizontal lightning storm.

  3. Wowow...I stumbled across your photo's from Lazyking's blog. Used that first photo as the pic of the day. I'm truly blown away by your photo's, absolutley freaking amazing please don't stop posting.

    I'm becoming a follower. Please feel free to drop by my blog. Don't have pictures but got some funny stories. I'm so happy you let Lazy use your picture.....you need to be exposed more. Amazing eye and an amzing gift you have.

    Take Good Care

  4. Like the horizontal lightning affect. You should turn that into a Photoshop filter and apply it to everything.