Monday, February 2, 2009

crappy sappy

I feel crappy. I don't know why. I'm jealous and envying blogs that people come and see and comment on. Mine just stinks. My friends and family don't even look at it for more than 15 seconds. And if they don't want to see it, why would the average joe like you want to? I just don't know. My closest buddies don't like it, and I can't decide if they don't want it or if they don't like it or if I stink. Man, life is so confusing and confusing. School and sports are heating up and its hard for me to post. O freaking well, get up and dust the dirt off you right? Fall 7 times, get up 8. Maybe the new THE FRAY album will cheer me up tomorrow. WAHOOO. GO FRAY. 

p.s. to the fray: HEY if you guys (the fray) ever ever read this post (which WON'T happen) I'd love to do anything for you. I'm a HUGE HUGE fan.


  1. Hey - I wouldn't worry about not getting too many comments, most of us take pictures because we want to not to please others. Also friends and family don't always get it - if it's not a family portrait they are not really interested. If you really want feedback I would join some Flickr groups and start commenting on peoples pictures they in turn will comment on yours. Try -

    In turn this will bring people to your blog - keep going and don't give up!!

  2. Ok-check it out~I'm reading your blog RIGHT NOW! So smile:) And I'm a fellow photographer and digging your's so cheer up!

  3. Haha thanks guys. I wasn't to sad about not getting views cause I love photos, it was just my week that week. Its been so stressful the last 2 weeks.